Sicily is an island of big contrasts. From the low and desert sand beaches to the scenery rocks. From the tender hills cultivated with wheat to the spectacular rocky peaks. You will quickly pass from the sunny plain of the Island’s centre to the shady woods of the mountains, and finally from the hot and dry grassland to the perpetual ice of the Etna, Europe’s highest volcano. In short, Sicily’s landscapes are so spectacular that it’s really worth visiting them!

Five thousand years’ foreign rule, cultures, languages, architecture, i.e. five thousand years’ history have left a unique mark on this island that can be defined as the synthesis of the European and Mediterranean cultures. The examples are impressive: from Phoenician salt mines, to Greek temples, from Roman villas to Arabic, Byzantine, Norman architecture. And, finally, the Province of Ragusa baroque wonder, that is now recognized as ”World Human Heritage”.

Sicily’s climate is among the finest ones in Europe.

  • From November to February:
  • Even if they are the least hot months of the year, you will find a pleasant temperature of about 15° degrees. The few rainy days alternate with beautiful sunny days. The almond trees flourish, and the fields are at the height of their splendour. It is the ideal period to visit the cities running away from the Northern cold. Oranges, lemons and tangerines colour the fields.
  • From March to October.
  • Sicily is at the height of its splendour. Warmth facilitates magnificent flowerings. It is the ideal period for trekking and walking. The sea is wonderful. This is the best period to visit Sicily.
  • From June to August
  • We are in the middle of the bathing season, the temperature is definitely higher: 30/35°. The sea is at its best. The cities are not very crowded.

    The long tradition of hospitality makes of the Sicilians a warm and friendly people. Anywhere you go you will be surprised by how much the Sicilians will do to help you and to make your journey unforgettable. The Sicilian gastronomy is the demonstration of centuries’ influences and dominations. A unique mix of flavours you will make a “culinary trip” with, around the Mediterranean. You will taste fresh fish, delicious season’s fruits, and vegetables also in the winter. And then the ice cream, worldwide famous cakes and sweets , such as the cannoli, the cassate (cakes containing ricotta cheese, chocolate chips and candied fruits), and the chocolate from Modica, made in the way the Aztecs did it. Not to mention the wines: in the last years, the Sicilian oenology has reached high levels , also with the regional vines that are the natural mate of unforgettable lunches and dinners.

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